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posted Jul 02, 2011 13:07:25 by Rakesh
Why do we target jms servers on managed servers or migratable managed servers?
what are coherence cluster and coherence server?
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anandraj said Jul 04, 2011 10:21:14
A JMS server is a management entity and container for JMS destination-related resources that reside on a single WebLogic Server instance or a migratable server. Since, you cannot have the JMS destinations directly deployed on the Servers, the JMS server acts as a container where in we specify the JMS entities and then target onto the Managed Servers or migratable server (In case of clustering of JMS services).

Coherence Server:
WAN-capable clustered session management and caching for portal applications. When used along with WebLogic Portal web application, everything that the portal framework and portlets place into the HttpSession will be managed by Coherence. Thus providing better session handling and better performance.

Coherence servers are stand-alone cache servers, dedicated JVM instances responsible for maintaining and managing cached data.

Coherence Cluster:
Coherence provides replicated and distributed data management and caching services that you can use to reliably make an application's objects and data available to all servers in a Coherence cluster. To do this, WebLogic Server retains configuration information used to locate and communicate with a Coherence cluster.

Hope this answers your queries.

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