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WLS - Active Directory for Authentication - Database for Authorization

posted Jun 07, 2012 04:27:04 by shmung

We need to implement security where we have Authentication happening through Active Directory and have Authorisation occurring through database tables. I thought it might be possible to use two security providers with one getting Active Directory authorisation details and then a second provider (Read Only SQL Authenticator) getting group information from the database. But the user details are not stored in the database. So I don't think the database provider will ever work because I assume it tries to authenticate against the database as well. There is no option to just return group information.

I found this site because I see Faisal commented on an Oracle Forum about needing to create a security provider to achieve this. I was wondering if you had any further details on how this can be done.

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Administrator said Jun 08, 2012 14:53:47
Hi Adrian,

There are sample codes available which you can use for this purpose.
You can drop me a mail at and I can share the ones I have..

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