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Weblogic servers as a windows service (Admin & Managed services +Node Manager)

posted Dec 15, 2014 10:06:30 by Tom Drummond
I am pretty new to WebLogic and have read the excellent article on your site about setting up Admin and Managed Services as a windows service (My set-up is Windows not Unix Based). I have read that you can set-up Node Manager to be a windows service. if you had Node Manager as a windows service is there any point in setting up the managed services as a windows service as when node manager is started will it not start the managed services. Is there any usefulness in setting up the Admin and Managed Services plus the Node Manager as windows services? I'm confused on how to approach this as all I want to do is to ensure that when my Windows server is rebooted all my managed services come back up. I also have a single machine where the managed services are linked to, I don't have one for the admin server - do I need to create a machine for this or have it in the same machine as the managed services? Thanks for you help..
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tekslate said Dec 30, 2014 16:19:51
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