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Spring cloud Netflix on Weblogic

posted Oct 22, 2015 18:41:28 by Fahim Farook
We do currently have an infrastructure with Weblogic 11g, Java 6, Apache WL plugin and ZXTM. Our traffic flows as follows:

ZXTM >> Apache httpd (WL plugin) >> WL cluster >> Oracle DB (RAC)

We want to start microservices and evaluating Netflix OSS/ Spring cloud. Are there any complexities having spring netflix cloud on Weblogic with the infrastructure explained above? Following are our findings.

1. Turbine needs Java 8, so we have to upgrade to Java 8.
2. WL 11g does not support Java 8, so WL needs be upgraded to 12.1.3.
And we are fine with above upgardes.

1. Along with WL upgrade, is oracle DB (currently 11g) upgrade required?
2. Any issues/ complexities with running Netflix cloud on Weblogic 12c?
3. Does WL 12c supports JDBC 4.1 and 4.2 and any dependency for Netflix OSS products on these JDBC versions?
4. How can Eureka and Ribbon be used along with WL cluster load balancing?
5. Is Apache WL plugin required anymore? at-least for session stikiness?
6. Is Netflix edge server, eureka and etc are an overhead under WebLogic cluster? Out of Spring Netflix cloud products (API Gateway, service discovery, service monitoring, circuit breaker, distributed session) what is already provided by WebLogic ?

Appreciate if you could share your experience, thoughts. (Doesn't matter if you do not answer all the queries above, please share what you know of :) .
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