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Weblogic authentication filter issue

posted Apr 29, 2018 14:28:09 by deb133024
Hi All,

I m completely new to weblogic in terms of writing weblogic specific code or into admin. I m having below issue.
I am having a web app which was deployed in weblogic 10.3.5 server in Unix, we had form bases authentication enabled on it but also we had an NTLM filter which was actually doing auth.
part, the form based auth. was configured using a servlet which was being called every time for auth. (no log in page was provided).
The servlet was used to strip off domain name and the same servlet was called again to do both weblogic and NTLM auth.

Now we are going to access the webapp using IIS weblogic proxy, so basically now I am having as IIS URL which when accessed will redirect my request to the web app after doing NTLM
validation but we also removed form based auth. from code, so once we are entering domain\username, NTLM does its part and sends me the request in the format domain\username but
it is failing in weblogic log in module because data is coming in domain\username format and the password is also coming in plain text format, so I have to write some logic which
should strip off the domain name before weblogic auth. module starts working.

Weblogic here has been configured to use 2 authenticator, 1 dbms with control flag sufficient and the next one is default auth. with control flag required.
As of now I have referred 2 websites, 1 is weblogic wonders your blog but ant script was failing so used another site and installed weblogic in windows and successfully could build the
code and getting a jar and pasted it into mbean folder in unix and restarted the server but when I m going to realm to configure SAF I m not seeing anything new and when I m accessing
the IIS URL, also I m not seeing anything being written to my log. So could you guys please advise, how would we fix this issue. Requesting you to kindly help.

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